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OpenSolaris is an open source project created by Sun Microsystems to build a developer community around Solaris Operating System technology. It is aimed at developers, system admini... More

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Opensolaris 09

This OS goes from strenght to strenght.Currently been developed at a lighting pace it still has issues in hardware support and multimedia devlopment of applications.Now launched on Tosiba laptops as OEM.Aimed at the average user to the professional in the enterprise space it is still a stable branded OS for your home desktop. Try it great potential !

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Driver Support Is Outstanding

I needed an inexpensive application server. Really inexpensive. Using spare parts and $150 combination of new motherboard/processor/memory I put together a box hoping to run Solaris. It came close but failed because the parts I had been able to afford were not supported by the OS. OpenSolaris to the rescue! Frustrated by five evenings of installs and reinstalls of the five CD Solaris package I was ready to throw in the towel. As a last ditch effort I downloaded OpenSolaris and burned a copy of the Live CD. Great way to distribute an OS. Instead of installing five CD's to find out my hardware wasn't supported, I booted from the Live CD and performed a driver test of my hardware before installation. Every bit of the box, both old and new, was supported. Right from the first boot networking worked and the package manager could download anything necessary that wasn't on the Live CD. Network auto magic is cool. And they make it easy to disable once you figure out you really don't want your application server using DHCP and picking up a new IP every time you restart the box. But I digress. There are many great features of this OS such as the ZFS file system which you can find information about. For me, the boot first, perform driver test, one-click install made Open Solaris a great choice.

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Does Oracle Have More Fees In Mind For Sun's Open Projects?

If you've been following the news about OpenSolaris--the operating system that Sun Microsystems spent years developing and evangelizing--then you've probably seen the news of Oracle taking it back. As InfoWorld's Savio Rodrigues has noted, following its acquisition of Sun, Oracle has changed the licensing language for OpenSolaris Solaris 10 to imply that the operating system is now 90-day trialware. Specifically, the new language refers to 90-day "evaluations" of the OS. Our own Joe Brockmeier notes that Oracle should make its intentions clear, which I agree with, but it's also worth considering whether Oracle intends to impose fees and new licenses on other open projects from Sun.

Watching OpenSolaris: What's the Story?

OpenSolarisOracle needs to start coming clean about its plans for OpenSolaris. Even after the close of the Sun deal, very little is being said about OpenSolaris and with Oracle tightening restrictions on Solaris 10, the company needs to come clean with the community.

As of last week, Oracle put the kibosh on unrestricted use of Solaris 10. According to InfoWorld's Savio Rodrigues, Oracle has added a clause to the Solaris Entitlement Document to restrict use of Solaris 10 to a 90-day trial. Previously, Sun had specified no restriction.

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Twitter ditches MySQL for open source to cope with growth. MySQL servers with a memcached caching system are "quickly becoming prohibitively costly."

Community grows for open source enterprise apps. The reality is that few open source projects succeed in attracting significant outside contributions.

Better lucky than smart. Fabrizio Capobianco on what stood out for him at Mobile World Congress.

The future of OpenSolaris. One of the open source projects that Oracle hasn't been too open about its intentions for has been OpenSolaris.

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