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AUDIENCE : developers
LICENSE : gnu lesser general public license (lgpl)
OPERATING SYSTEM : os independent
win32 : Newt : Kde : LATEST VERSION : 2.4.1
OOo :

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Oracle And Open Office

The fact that Oracle now supports Open Office is a cause for concern. Will they continue to be the benefactors? Will they fork it into a 'freemium' model? We need to see community activity here!

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Why Pay For Microsoft Office

Why is anyone paying for Microsoft Office these days when OpenOffice can pretty much do everything it has.

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Paid OpenOffice Version?

I saw that Oracle that owns Openoffice now actually sells it as a packaged software. I could not tell what benefits Oracle offer by me paying them. I love using OpenOffice and had been saving me lots of money, but wonder if I really need support from Oracle.

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Amazing Software -Real Value

Have been using it for years. Gets the Job done.

PDF functionality is great.

Cons: Microsoft Office makes minor format changes while reading docs prepared in OpenOffice.

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Openoffice Great Product.

This product is a viable alternative to MS Office. I can do everything I need to do in this product and then some. It has a wide network of folks who are developing templates for it. My understanding is it is widely used by a number of European Governments, U.S. States and municipalities and is on the shortlist for the U.S. Federal Government Open-source initiative.

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Oracle Cares About Some Sun-Acquired Assets, But OpenOffice? Not So Much

Soon after Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems last year, we began to wonder what the fate of the OpenOffice suite of productivity applications might be under Oracle. Of course, the suite's fate has gone in surprising new directions since then, but it now looks like Oracle is officially jettisoning management of it. In a brief statement, Oracle chief corporate architect Edward Screve has made clear that OpenOffice will become a purely community-driven project, and Oracle will apparently not offer a commercial version of the suite.

An Uber-Collection of Open Source Resources, Guides and Projects

On an ongoing basis, we at OStatic round up our own collections of open source resources, tutorials, free open source books, reviews, product comparisons and project tours. These educational toolkits are an essential part of the learning mission we try to preserve at the site. Whether you're looking for resources for working with and enjoying online video and audio, Linux tutorials, offbeat open source applications, or other items of interest, we have quite a few interesting collections on this site. Outside of OStatic, there are also many useful resource collections, too. In this post, you'll find an uber-collection of our best resource guides, and ones from other open source-focused sites. Hopefully, you'll find something to learn from here, and the good news is that everything found in this post is free.

At Year-End, Open Sourcers Have Lots to Celebrate

The year 2010 was a seminal one for open source, which once conjured up--at least for the uneducated--images of troll-like, cave-dwelling developers who eschewed all popular software standards. Open source is everywhere as 2010 draws to a close, and we've already weighed in with our assessment of the four biggest open source events of this year. Some of the best analysts on the open source scene are also weighing in, including putting some metrics on the number of open source projects and general open source adoption. The results are eye-opening.

Can't get Open Office to work on Mac 10.3.9

I downloaded Open Office 2.4.0 then had to download X11. But everytime I try to open OO it closes again promptly. I am running OSX 10.3.9. Is that the correct version of Open Office? Upgrading to a new version of the operating system isn't the solution I would prefer, btw. unless *absolutely* necessary. Thanks!

Open office not opening in leopard

i have read your fix for this but dont fully understand how to fix it. Am running macbook pro with leopard 10.5.5 and have installed openoffice 2.4 when I try to use it I get that message command timed out and then thats it......cant run openoffice...any help welcome thank you

Command Timed Out Error on OOo 2.4?

I recently upgraded to Leopard and everytime I start OOo it gives me a "Command Time Out" error. It doesn't really effect the functionality/performance but it's irritating and I'm sure its a simple fix. Would appreciate your help.


Having problems to install openoffice on my mac

I've downloaded the open office app. from but everytime I try to start it - it hangs and gives me the X11 window. I am not being able to install it even when I delete the application and re-download and re-install it. Help!!

Having problems with opening a .wpd doc - any suggestions?

I tried opening it in Microsoft Word (2007) and it wont work. Tried it in OOO and that doesn't work either. Any ideas on how I could go about doing this? Any plug-ins that would help??

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