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Openbravo is an open source web-based ERP business solution for small and medium sized companies that is released under the Openbravo Public License, based on the Mozilla Public Licen... More

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AUDIENCE : developers
information technology : financial services : customer service : manufacturing : DEVELOPMENT STATUS : production
LICENSE : mozilla public license v1.1
OPERATING SYSTEM : os independent
pl/sql : java : USER INTERFACE : web-based
Oracle :

Attribution :

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Fine Free Software

i think this is something what i was looking for it is free and i really like it .i am also looking for a trading software which can help me and is open source ..seo blog

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Well, it’s amazing. The miracle has been done. Hat’s off. Well done, as we know that “hard work always pays

off”, after a long struggle with sincere effort it’s done.



Online Loans with Bad Credit

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OpenBravo Saves

If you are a SMB owner, you may want to use OpenBravo versus the other paid expensive software out there (will not name names). I used it and it saves my company lots of money. Bravo!

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Premium OpenBravo

I used OpenBravo free for a while. But liked it so much that I upgraded to their premium version. Its worth the dollars and better than paying for other expensive paid software.

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Top 5 iPod alternatives for Linux users. Sansa Fuze anyone?

Free software for all Russian schools in jeopardy. The plan, announced last year, to wheel out free software in schools faces opposition.

10 open source projects worth checking out. They range from OpenBravo to Magento.

Great documentation is key to open source success. The documentation should teach, and show examples of what can be done.

Open Source Venture Funding in Q2: Up Again

There is more good news for open source on the venture capital front. Following record inflows for venture capital into open source for the first quarter, The 451 Group is reporting that VC funding levels rose again in the second quarter as compared to last year. Funding rose just under 14 percent to $115 million, compared to $101.5 million in 2007. Here's the really striking stat: "Total funding for the first half of the year to date stands at $321.3 million, up 62 percent over the first half of 2007, just shy of the $328.5 million raised in the whole of last year."

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Fedora 9, the community-driven Linux distribution from Red Hat is out. Bruce Byfield has some interesting thoughts on it.....

Openbravo, developer of web-based open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point-of-Sale (PoS) solutions has received $12 million of second round funding.....

Ingres OpenROAD, the company’s platform for rapid application development, is now open source.....

InformationWeek has an interesting interview with Microsoft's open source chief Sam Ramji.....

Open-Xchange and Parallels are integrating Open-Xchange open source e-mail and collaboration software with Parallels.....

OB modules

Where can i find OB latest modules

Where can I get training for the Openbravo POS system?

I've played with and liked most of the features of the POS system for my restaurant - I am in Miami, Florida - where can I get some inexpensive training for my IT manager for the Openbravo POS system?

How does Open Bravo compare to CK-ERP?

Just curious because OpenBravo seems to be getting a lot of buzz but CK-ERP seems to have been around for a while and seems to have all the basics that a SME would be looking for?

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