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NeoOffice is a fork of the free/open source office suite that is ported to Mac OS X. It implements nearly all of the features of the corresponding version, including a wo... More

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OS X keyboard shortcuts! Otherwise, great.

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NeoOffice  by an anonymous user on July 27th 2008 at 12:39 AM

From Newsforge reviews NeoOffice 2.1, the distribution of specifically for Mac OS X.

The review is positive, but it is balanced with recognition of some of the software’s shortcomings.

Newsforge concludes, “All in all, NeoOffice 2.1 is an incremental improvement over NeoOffice 2.0 Beta 3. Microsoft Office OpenXML compatibility is still a weak point, and if you are looking for help, you are better off avoiding the inconsistent and outdated documentation on the wiki and heading directly to the discussion forum. Nevertheless, NeoOffice remains far superior to the X11-based Mac builds of The OS integration work is impressive, and the new features make the suite as a whole all the more indispensable.”

I’ve been using NeoOffice 2.1 since its recent release and am very pleased with it myself. I strongly recommend it over spending money on its MS competitor for Mac users. And I very strongly recommend avoiding the MS OOXML (”Office Open XML”) file format and using the ISO standard ODF instead (which is the default format for, NeoOffice, KOffice, and many other applications).

1 Vote(s) by the Numbers LogoWhat would you say if you heard that had an impressive 22% share of the market? It does, in Poland and the Czech Republic. At least according to numbers pulled together by using FlashCounter. The analysis looked at visitors from more than 20 countries and found use of is highest in Europe and not even in double digits in the United States.

The results may not be entirely accurate, but at least they provide a picture of office suite usage. The method used was to examine fonts installed on systems to identify various office suites. The numbers roll up all variants of — IBM Lotus Symphony, StarOffice, NeoOffice, etc.

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