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MySQL is written in C and C++. The SQL parser uses yacc and a home-brewed lexer. MySQL has been ported to several different operating systems. Libraries for accessing MySQL databases are avail... More

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LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
win32 : mac os x : os/2 : OpenVMS : PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE : c++
C : PLATFORM : posix
mac os x : os/2 : Win 32 : Open VMS : eComStation : TITLE SYNONYMS : MySQL

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Excellent Software

best of all its free and easy to learn

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Very Efficient

This is a fast, small and perfect database for medium-scale web projects

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Love It

small but enough

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MySQL Version Compatibility

Hi! I find it the best open source my sql but it has made my life very difficult when I want to move my data from older version to latest version.

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Best Till One Million Records

But still there are some ways to increase its performance by setting the proper values for MySQL variables.

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Report: Red Hat to Switch Up MySQL for MariaDB

Back in 2010, when Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, MySQL founder Monty Widenius (shown) was very vocal about the acquisition, and raised many questions about the future of the open MySQL database, which he founded. In fact, we did an interview with Monty here on OStatic, where he said, "It's clear that Oracle is in the game for the profit and it's in their interest to get out as much money from MySQL as they can over the long term."

Monty went on to become the lead developer of MariaDB, a fork of MySQL, and now there are reports that Red Hat will switch the default database in its RHEL enterprise product, from MySQL to MariaDB, upon the release of version 7. That's a big vote of confidence in MariaDB.

Replicating Data


Without fail, one job of a systems administrator is getting data from here to there. Moving data around seems like a simple concept, but it is one that can get complicated as the amount of data you need to move increases. Deciding on the best way to move that data can have a sizeable impact on the design of your system and the total cost.

A Look Inside Tumblr's Architecture

tumblrYahoo recently purchased Tumblr for a cool $1.1 billion. Tumblr pushes some surprisingly high numbers through their service, so aninside look at the architecture that Yahoo bought is well worth the read. The portion I found most interesting are the details on the MySQL database setup, and how Tumblr uses MySQL to scale massively, and keep the service available.

Php Application

i want to create php mysql application like report generator enquiry details application how can i do kindly help me plz...


Cloud Back-up for MySQL Database

What are the best cloud-based options to back-up a MySQL database?

Maximum fields in one table

How many maximum fields in one table I can create. I have some problems. When I create a lot of tables, query time is very slow. I try to test in one table.

What is the best method for installing MySQL on Ubuntu 10.10?

I've recently installed Ubuntu on 10.10 and decided to install MySQL so that I can do some LAMP programming. I've now done 3 separate installs of MySQL 5.5.11 and have yet to get it working. I had the most luck doing a binary install where you have to manually setup your environment but couldn't get mysqld to start successfully. I then decided to try out the package manager and the "atm-get install mysql-server" option and the results were much worse, as I got numerous installation errors. Can anyone tell me if they have successfully installed MySql on Ubuntu 10.10 and if so, what version and method.

Web Based Open Source Report Writer


Who can recommend a report writer that is simple to learn/use for a non-programmer? It should be able to access MySQL and run on a Linux server, and should be web-based to.


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