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Mozilla was the official, public, original name of Mozilla Application Suite by the Mozilla Foundation, currently known as SeaMonkey suite.In informal use it has been used in a number of ways and in c... More

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FreeBSD : mac os x : Solaris : mac os : PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE : javascript
c++ : USER INTERFACE : x windows
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Will Google Continue Subsidizing Mozilla?

For several months now, Google's Chrome browser has been posting larger market share gains, by percentage growth, than open source rivals. In fact, many analysts predict that its market share will overtake Mozilla Firefox's next year. The successful rise of Mozilla’s Firefox browser is a legendary story in the open source community, but many people don't realize that Mozilla gets most of its revenues from Google. In fact, nearly all of Mozilla's revenues come from deals that involve feeding users into search/ad ecosystems. In November of this year, though, Mozilla's deal with Google is up for renewal. Is there a chance that it could go away?

Mozilla Targets McAfee Add-On As the Cause of Firefox Crashes

If you've been following the past few releases of the Mozilla Firefox browser, you know that some of the recent releases have caused crashing and performance problems. In particular, OStatic readers sounded off in the comments on this post when Firefox 4 was released, reporting problems with add-on compatibility and more. Some of the problems have been attributed to the fact that Mozilla has moved to a rapid release cycle for Firefox in order to compete more closely with Google Chrome. Add-ons are among the primary reasons why many users favor Firefox, and there have been some glitches as new versions of the browser have arrived at a machine gun pace. Now, Mozilla is actually advising users that the McAfee ScriptScan add-on causes a high volume of crashes.

Mozilla Launches 3D Gaming Effort

Did you know that Mozilla is pushing 3D gaming online? According to a Mozilla Labs post, the company is working on a game engine called Gladius, and will be officially introducing it in a few weeks. Mozilla has also built RescueFox, a prototype game, which it says is designed to "validate" the Gladius game engine. The game works in current versions of Firefox, and Mozilla suggests that you can try it in Chrome and other browsers as well. RescueFox is playable now.

How to sync Thunderbird across LAN Machines?

Is it possible to sync Mozilla’s Thunderbird across multiple computers in a LAN?

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