Microsoft Windows Vista .....

Microsoft Windows Vista .....

Windows Vista is a line of operating systems developed by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, Tablet PCs, and media centers. Prior to its announceme... More

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Too Heavy

I previously plan to upgrade to Vista but after get my friends feedback I skip and go to Win 7

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Alta White Teeth

I recently upgraded from Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows Vista. After the install, about an hour after Windows started freezing. I hadn't install any major drivers, just software like Messenger and Internet Explorer etc.

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The actual thing is that business refuses Vista and stick to XP.

Microsoft went into the wrong direction

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Dont Like It

My girlfriend use it ,not fast,something wrong with the dell1420 voise device;

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Ultimate Version

Personally I use ultimate version of Windows vista.

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