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"Michael made me really think about how I wrote software based on how he interpreted what we were doing... He is well educated and really knows how to convey to others about how software works in general..." -- LinkedIn recommendation from former co-worker Joel Watson Mike McCallister is devoted to the idea that technology need not be feared, and can be mastered by anyone. After all, he grew up in the days when computers filled entire rooms, and spent 13 years as a civil service clerk doing nothing more technical than recording WordPerfect macros. He is devoted to making computing easier for the full spectrum of user levels and experience. As a technical communications consultant, freelance computer magazine writer, and book author, he understands that ordinary people can and should make the most of their tools. Besides Linux and open source software, interests include tools for communicating via the Web (blogs, social networks, wikis, and the like) and bridging the digital divide. His newest book, openSUSE Linux Unleashed, demystifies and makes accessible the premier open source operating system. It was nominated for a Linux Journal Reader's Choice Award as the Favorite Linux Book of 2007. McCallister previously wrote SUSE Linux 10 Unleashed and the Computer Certification Handbook (Arco Press, 2000). McCallister has been running Linux as his primary day-to-day desktop operating system since 1999, but he also documents software for a variety of platforms in his consultant's role. He writes a technology-oriented blog, Notes from the Metaverse. His technology stories have been published in places like LinuxJournal.com, LinuxWorld, Java Developer's Journal, and SearchEnterpriseLinux.com.
Technical Communication, XHTML, openSUSE Linux, Kubuntu Linux, WordPress
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Milwaukee (West Allis), WI

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