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Stacey Schneider
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Freelance internet marketer helping companies build useful websites, marketing automation and search strategies that help them go to market over the web more effectively and more cost-efficiently.
Internet Marketing Strategy Building websites - java, php, python, html, css Graphic design Internet search strategies - SEO/SEM Web architecture Open source community development
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AdiumAWStatsDrupalPidginPythonXAMPPzimbraApache HTTP ServerflashApache TomcatPHPLinuxSubversionChromeFirefoxWordPressgitVirtualBoxAdobe Photoshop CSEclipseAdobe Creative Suite Production Studio PremiumAdobe Dreamweaver CS3Microsoft PowerpointMicrosoft WordBasecampMail (Mac)Safari (Mac)Hyperic HQ
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Chief Sparkplug
Atlanta, GA

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