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Open Source Enterprise Application Integration; Compiere, Adempiere, OpenBravo, ERP5, Hipergate, Concursive, SugarCRM, vTiger CRM, Alfresco, KnowledgeTree, Asterisk, TrixBox, Zimbra, Scalix, Pentaho, JasperReports. All including database management, customization, localization (particularly for RTL languages) and financial compliance. Able to integrate "Hybrid Source" solutions but tend to recommend against it in most cases. Will consult pro-bono for non-profits, socially-conscious SMEs and bootstrapped start-ups.
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AdempiereAlfrescoAudacityCompiereDrupalJasperReportsOpenbravoPentahoSugarCRMvtigerCRMKDEFirefoxBlenderMediaWikiWordPressJoomlascalixKnowledgeTreeRed Hat Linux
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