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I'm still a student and I will be facing advanced level examination (Cambridge) in November. Even though I do not involved in any IT related profession, I have some experience with Linux, Systems and Network admin.,Programming Largely due to the fact that I was very much into computing and the commitment to learn more and more everyday. I was using computers and Linux when I was so young and that gave me the opportunity to learn and spend more and more time with them.I try to learn something new each and everyday because it gives me so much satisfaction.
Systems and Network Administration. Perl,Python,C Programming. Shell Scripting. Network Programming.
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AudacityBitTorrentFedoraPidginghostscriptLifereaMinGWPythonRubyscribusVimVimWineApache HTTP ServerGCCKDEOpenOfficePerlPHPGIMPVLCLinuxyumFirefoxBlenderMediaWikiPuTTYSSL-ExplorerUbuntuEclipseRed Hat LinuxGNOMEThe RedNoteBookThe GNU Bourne-Again SHellSSI-Server Side Includes
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Still a Student
Mt.lavinia, Sri Lanka

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