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I am Abhinav Bakshi from Chandigarh (India). Senior Programmer in White Shaarks. I am a geek with some extra ordinary looks ;) I do surf a lot(on web ofcoz). i am not much into blogging but i am kinda liking it now, its fun. I have around 6 years of experience in Web, can say i have expertise in Php/MySql , OS commerce , Joomla, Mambo, Smarty & blah blah.. ;) Developed dozens of websites & worked on various web applications. This is little bit of me ;)
PHP/MySql, Joomla, JavaScript, Ajax, Web Design Development I've worked on numerous client projects ranging from little brochure-ware sites to mega-budget labyrinths. I am an Expert in PHP/MySql. My industry experience is definitely my biggest asset. My foundation is as a developer, in multiple languages, on many platforms. If the situation requires getting code done, I deliver high quality, clean, working code, quickly and correctly. I'm comfortable with structured code, databases, and Flash animations such as might be found in workflow or business rules systems. Expert in php/My Sql. I have since accumulated 6 years in php/My Sql, flash and Web Designing using CSS/XHTML. I possess 4 years of experience in Multimedia, 2D Character Animation, Web Designing, Logo Designing, Product Demos. My strengths are in vector graphics, sound, logo presentation, file size optimization (flash and sound) and system performance. My industry experience is definitely my biggest asset. I am able to consult and offer solutions because I've learnt the do’s and don'ts through my previous work ;) (Joomla JavaScript Ajax Web Design Development .Net C# Asp.net VB.net flash photoshop website maintainance PHP, ASP.NET, HTML/XHTML, DHTML, CSS (Cascading Style Stylesheets), JavaScript, XML, Microsoft SQL, MySQL )
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Safari7-ZipRealPlayer For LinuxGIMPFirefoxThunderbirdMediaWikiWordPressAdobe Photoshop CSMicrosoft OutlookMicrosoft Windows XP Professional
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Senior Product Development Incharge

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