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As co-founder and CEO of MindTouch, Aaron, in less than three years, has grown a small open source project into one of the World's most popular and positioned it as #1 in open source collaboration (source: Sourceforge.net) with tens of millions of users globally and an impressive customer list of Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies and mid-market companies. Prior to co-founding MindTouch, Aaron was a member of Microsoft’s Advanced Strategies and Policies division and worked on distributed systems research. Previously he owned and operated a successful software and Information Technology consulting firm, Gurion Digital LLP. He has held senior positions at software startups, has helped to launch several non-profits and businesses outside the software industry. Aaron received his BS in Computer Science from University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill. He resides in San Diego, CA with his wife and two children.
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By AaronF - Aug 20, 2010

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