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Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard" was released on October 26, 2007. It was called by Apple "the largest update of Mac OS X". It brought more than 300 new features. Leopard supports both PowerPC- and Intel x86-... More

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Apple Scuttles ZFS: Community Picks it Up

In like a lion, out like a Snow Leopard? Apple changed its spots on Sun's ZFS fairly quickly. This week the company shutterd the ZFS Project on Mac OS Forge, and there's no hide or hair of ZFS to be found in Snow Leopard. It's a pretty quick turnabout from a few years ago, when Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz was touting Apple's inclusion of ZFS in Leopard.

Four Super Tools to Rock Your Clipboard


If part of your workflow involves a lot of cutting and pasting, then you know how limiting the native clipboard feature is on your desktop no matter which platform you're using. If you want to add a little extra awesome to your cutting and pasting routine, then have a look at this roundup of clipboard tools that make the job go just a little easier.

Glipper - This clipboard manager for the GNOME panel. It keeps a history of copied text so you can refer back to it later. Glipper has support for Actions, Snippets, No-Paste services, and more. It's available in English, German, and Italian.

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Why Mac open source gets no respect. There are several theories about Why open source hasn't made a huge impact on the Apple faithful.

Top 10 open source apps for Mac OS X. Despite the point made above, here are some excellent applications for the Mac.

Ubuntu's design team: Make it look good, run better. Ivanka Majic, leader of Canonical's design team for Ubuntu Desktop and Netbook Remix, talks about her design team.

Open source database to wean companies off Oracle. EnterpriseDB is touting enterprise level capabilities of its Postgres Plus Standard Server 8.4 database.

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