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Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool to create professional looking presentations and slide shows.

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In the Windows 8 vs. Linux Debate, a Windows Pundit Makes a Great Point

Recently, in response to the brouhaha over its reported effort to implement a specification called Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) that could make it impossible to run Linux on Windows 8 PCs, Microsoft officials responded with an extensive post that explains exactly what kinds of flexibility UEFI (Secure Boot) will offer. However, members of the Linux community in Australia have formally opposed UEFI, and many critics of Microsoft's defense of it argue that Microsoft is simply going to hand off the right to exclude Linux from Windows 8 PCs to hardware manufacturers, some of whom may choose to do so. Now the debate is getting a second wind, and a writer in the Windows corner has one of the best points yet.

Not Enough Ubuntu Yet?

UbuntuBoy, that Ubuntu, huh? No matter how much pleasure we derived from writing that Ubuntu users were leaving in droves or that Linux Mint kept moving up the DW PHR doesn't change the fact that Ubuntu is still big news. Is there a Website out there that didn't cover the Ubuntu 11.10 release?

Sabayon 7 Brings Linux Heaven

sabayonSabayon 7 was recently released bringing lots of updates and improvements. The announcement said, "If you really enjoyed Sabayon 6, this will be even more fun and cute. There you have it, shining at full bright, for your home computer, your laptop and your home servers." This Gentoo-based everything-but-the-kitchen-sink distro is maturing like the proverbial bottle of wine. It's getting smooooth.


I've been reading about mpower open... I want to know if it is Windows only or whether I can use it with Linux...? thx!

What is the architecture of cloud computing and how does it really work?

What is the architecture of cloud computing and how does it really work?
a detail diagram of both will help me understand it better.

Linux Installation Issue

i am having problems with Linux. I had vista operation before then i decided to use both Linux ubuntu and vista and i was going to use linux for first time ,i got some information for initializations which was telling me if u want install linux for first time go in windows vista and shrink your hard drive. i did shrink my hard drive and free about 10 gb for Linux ,when Linux installation finished i get my first problem i could not login because it seems i typed wrong word on it , then i tried to switch to windows vista when i restart pc, i got some option in boot which had 2 option for vista when i choose one of them it takes me to somewhere which is recovery part of my computer corporation then i cancel it and i restart system , but this time before going to boot options it gives me this error: GRUB LOADING ERROR 17 and i cant go anywhere else.
i bring up pc now with live cd , i searched some information on the internet about this problem but i did not understand anything because i am 100 percent new in Linux please tell me what should even i cant remove linux and back it to windows? Help...

Linux file system corruption

"How can I recover from the following situation?
After rebooting a Linux 4 system, we are now seeing the following error message on the screen:

ext2fs partition type 0x83. ....
ext3-fs: journal inode is deleted....
mount: error 22 mounting ext3
error 2 mounting name
switchroot: mountfailed:22
umount/initrd/dev failed:2
kernal panic - not syncing.

Any idea how this happened and or how to fix it?"

Mount a linux drive on XP and Vice Versa?

I am using two o/s ( Xp Sp 2 and Ubuntu 5.04) on different drives. The issue is that when am using one, i cant see the other drive.

I use linux to surf the net because i understand that its not easily attacked by virus but after i have downloaded some notes and programs i'd like to turn back Xp to access those programs reason being am comfortable using XP which is where the problem arises.

As a result, I am forced to dowload them to flashdisk so that I can access them from there. Would appreciate any help because this is a tiring process i have to undergo everyday.

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