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KeePass Password Safe is a password management utility for Microsoft Windows released under the GNU General Public License. KeePass stores passwords, usernames, and URLs in an encrypted database unloc... More

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AUDIENCE : system administrator
scienctific research : telecommunications industry : advanced users : DEVELOPMENT STATUS : production
LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
OPERATING SYSTEM : windows 2000
windows 2003 : windows 95 : windows 98 : windows nt : windows xp : Wine : PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE : c++

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Cross Platform Is The Key

Ideally this would integrate with a browser but the thing that seals the deal for me is that it is cross-platform and secure. I can run KeePass from Mac OS X, Linux or Windows and it comes in very handy when I am using someone else's computer.

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it has a very nice and simple gui, with a good encription features

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KeePass - Security Redefined

KeePass will stop you from writing down your login passwords in paper or storing them in your mail box saved as drafts or emails, forever.

There are a few more options but none come close to KeePass in terms of security and features.

Save encrypted notes, logins, passwords, account numbers etc in a single client. Access them from a USB drive. Copy the KeePass data file and use it from other machines.

Organise your data by creating categories and keeping related items together. Let KeePass create the best password for you. It also has auto type to type in your login and password directly on a website or application.

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Keepass Great - But Needs Sync

KeePass  by an anonymous user on April 5th 2008 at 11:51 AM

I love this program. Like the previous user I use this on a portable thumb drive version and my home pc. Syncing is a real chore.

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Semi-Cross Platform

KeePass  by an anonymous user on March 27th 2008 at 01:21 PM

KeePass works well and is semi cross platform in the sense the DB works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

It is tight software with many features!

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KeePass 2.13 Released, Sports Big Batch of New Features


If you're not familiar with KeePass, a terrific free, open source password manager for Windows, you really ought to get to know it. In fact, it's on our own Sam Dean's list of 10 free OSS security applications that you can trust. Already a robust application for locking down all your passwords, it just got better now that the development team released KeePass 2.13 with a batch of new features and improvements.

The app's database stores all your password and registration in one place, and secures them with a single master password that accessible to no one but the user. In fact, KeePass' encryption is so strong that even if you used every computer in the world to simultaneously attack it's database, "decrypting it would take longer than the age of the universe."

6 Easy Ways to Secure Your Hotspot Sessions

Are you increasingly using public Wi-Fi hotspots? If you are, you're in good company, as many more people use public Wi-Fi for work and play. Airports, coffee shops, hotel lobbies, conference centers and many more types of locations are Wi-Fi enabled. Many hotspot hotspot users, though, don't take the right steps to secure their sessions. In this post, you'll find six tips and applications--including both open source and freeware offerings--that you can use to lock down your sessions.

Keep Your Passwords Safe With KeePass


If you spend a lot of time online then you know how quickly passwords and registration information can pile up. It's practically impossible to remember them all, but thanks to open source password manager KeePass you don't have to. It's developed for Windows, but there are several unofficial contributed builds for Linux, Mac OS X, BlackBerry, Android, and more.

The lastest version of jdk is ??

the lastest version of jdk is ??

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