KDE (K Desktop Environment) is a free software project which aims to be a powerful system for an easy-to-use desktop environment. The goal of the project is to provide basic desktop functions and appl... More

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AUDIENCE : developers
LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
TITLE SYNONYMS : KDesktopEnvironment
K Desktop Environment (KDE) :

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openSUSE 12.1 RC 1 Out - 23 Days to Go

openSUSEAfter a bit of a delay, openSUSE 12.1 RC 1 has been released. Jos Poortvliet blogged, "The next release of openSUSE is expected to bring a large number of improvements and changes. But we also have some really unique treats."

KDE to Celebrate 15th Birthday

kdeKDE is having a global birthday party to celebrate 15 years and everyone is invited. Well, since we all can't actually get together in one spot, they'd like to inspire a bunch of parties happening simultaneously across the globe on October 14.

KDE to Say Buh-Bye to Screensavers

kdeKDE just keeps getting better and better. Developers are working on a new screen-locking implementation which will cause screensavers to stop working. So, let's see, in 4.8 we won't be able to turn off compositing effects and now our screensavers will no longer work.

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