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Kaltura offers a full open-source video platform that supports basic and advanced online video capabilities including: video creation & management, advertising & monetizing, interac... More

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Support Spreads Out For Google's WebM Video Format

Directly on the heels of the announcement by Google of its new royalty-free video format, WebM, adjunct announcements are pouring in showing far-reachng support for the new format. With Google open sourcing the underlying VP8 codec technology that it acquired from On2 in February, the combination of openness and third-party support could make WebM a healthy competitor for formats such as H.264.

Kaltura Brings Video Services to Higher Education

Press Releases | Kaltura: Open Source Video Platform

Kaltura, an open source online video platform, is headed to college. The company has partnered with IT consulting firm Unicon, Inc. to deliver its video services to higher education institutions. Kaltura's software already integrates with popular learning management systems like Moodle, so Unicon's role as an authorized reseller will be to do the heavy lifting associated with getting the product up and running in schools and universities.

This isn't Kaltura's first venture into the world of higher education. Earlier this year, it was chosen to power The Wall Street Journal -- WSJ On Campus, a site that gives college students a platform to discuss the college selection process through videos, photos, and reviews. Many universities already use Kaltura to provide students with access to online classes, lectures, and more.

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