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AUDIENCE : developers
LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
OPERATING SYSTEM : os independent
USER INTERFACE : web-based

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Joomla Vs Wprdpress

I would strongly recommend WP instead of Joomla. The lack of development pushed Joomla at the bottom of the list.

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I Use Joomla

i use VirtueMart for joomla for my shopping cart,it is good

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Its Best To Understand The Strengths Of Each

Joomla is an Excellent CMS - one of a growing band of superb opensource products. Often the preference for one or the other gets very tribal - as you see even here, more like supporting a football team than making an informed choice.

We find Joomla possibly the most versatile of the CMS, giving a hige range of options in the extensions directory that "future proofs" a web site against however you might want it to grow in the future.

Wordpress we also use a lot, but more for blog type sites. It is really intuitive for the user to use, but despite the continuing efforst of its community we don't yet find it as good for really comprehensive "portal" type sites.

Drupal is also excellent, but for most it is a little more technical to use. We tend to use it when the taxonomy, granular access control, or the CCK content types are important.

Joomla looks about to catch up on at least two of these fronts with the release of 1.6 now in Beta, Doubtless Drupal's own development cycle will bring it up with Joomla in other areas. Doubtless the competition between these two great platforms will benefit us all.

We are lucky to have such a range of world class free products available to us, and the onus on us is to pick the right one for each job, and then do as well with it as we can.

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My Favorite CMS

Joomla is by far my favorite CMS. I like the wide variety of templates and plugins that makes it exceptionally easy to create a very complex website with a limited amount of webmaster skill.

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Towards a Beautiful WordPress Future: Automattic Hires Theme Wizard Ian Stewart

WordPressGearing up for WordPress 3.0, Automattic has hired Ian Stewart as a Theme Wrangler to help an assembling "Theme Team" for Automattic. The move is good news for the millions of users with WordPress blogs, especially for those looking to extend their blogs with better themes.

Stewart is known for his ThemeShaper blog and Thematic WordPress theme framework. The WordPress community has produced thousands of free (and paid) themes, but most are intended to be deployed as-is on other blogs. The Thematic theme is a framework that's designed to be customized and extended, and supported a number of child themes based on the main Thematic framework.

Hosted Version of the Drupal CMS is Taking Shape

Acquia, which provides commercial support for and its own distribution of the Drupal content management system (CMS), is moving ahead with its new effort Drupal Gardens. The project had been previously code-named Acquia Gardens, and is the company's upcoming software-as-a-service version of Drupal, designed to speed the design and deployment of Drupal social publishing sites for non-technical users including small business owners and web designers. As Savio Rodrigues notes, the project is coming along well, and there is a good online demo.

College Newspapers to Get WordPress Mojo

It looks like some college newspapers are about to head in the same direction as many well-known ones, and in somewhat the same direction as the White House. CoPress is a new company that offers managed hosting and training for college newspapers interested in tranistioning from expensive proprietary content management systems to WordPress. Many newspapers, forced to slash costs in a punishing environment, are looking to open source and free content management systems, and quite a few of them are reporting significant cost savings. Why shouldn't the trend extend to college newspapers?

Has anyone deployed drupal/CMS using EC2

I'm curious to see if anyone has any experience deploying drupal (or any of the other CMS solutions) using Amazon's EC2 service. The value proposition seems like a no-brainer but I just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this and what some of the pitfalls might be?

Looking for hosting services for specific OSS apps.

I'm looking for hosting services that pre-packaged & support the following apps:

- Mediawiki
- Drupal
- Joomla
- Alfresco
- Mambo

We're looking at providing our clients with a complete pre-packaged CMS solution (development + consulting + hosting) and am looking for the best possible alternatives out there...

Ideally, it would makes our lives much simpler if there is a single service provider that can provision servers with the above mentioned apps

Which one should I pick, Joomla, Mambo, Postnuke, Xoops?

I dont want to spend all day on each one to find out with one is the best. Which one is the most user friendly and has skins so I can match it up with my other sites?

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