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The GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP, is a raster graphics editor used to process digital graphics and photographs. Typical uses include creating graphics and logos, resizing and cropping photo... More

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LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
OPERATING SYSTEM : os independent
TITLE SYNONYMS : GNU Image Manipulation Program

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Easy As Pi

Took longer to load GIMP than time to use it to remove red eye! Truly impressive program.

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Headline: Wilbert The Dog Eats Photoshop!

A Swiss Knife of image editors GIMP is one of my favorite tools in the Opensource realm. It is so simple that anyone could use, it is also powerful enough to even have scripting capabilities. Don't get me wrong if you are used to Photoshop, it would be difficult to cope up with the flying windows here and there (GIMPShop might help here though). Truth be told it can do 98% of what Photoshop can do and adds a few features of its own.

If you are are into image editing then GIMP is a must have, no question about it. Wilbert will be eating up a lot of competitors in few years time, you quote me on that!

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Best Alternative

This is the best alternative since Adobe is so expensive, however I agree with the most feedback here: the usability should be in the major improvement for the next release.

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User Experience

I used GIMP 2.6, but the user experience is still not as good as that of the Windows and not as crisp as Adobe Photoshop. I have heard that GIMPShop solves that problem but have not really got a chance to try it yet.

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Online GIMP

GIMP is great. Love it. However, need to install it for use on work machine and could not. Found GIMP basically hosted online and delivered through the browser. Try out GIMP online and you will be impressed.

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7 Open Source Resources for the Ultimate Efficiency Boost

Many workers develop their own strategies for being efficient and succeed with them, but to an increasing extent, the tools you choose determine your true level of efficiency. The good news is that there are plenty of open source tools that can make you more productive. They range from hugely useful Firefox extensions such as iMacros (which lets you record repetitive, multi-step tasks and then execute them with one click) to collaboration applications for efficient co-working. Here, you'll find seven of our best posts and collections on efficiency tools. And, of course, everything found here is free.

More Free Guides on Essential Open Source Topics

Although the actual documentation you get with many open source applications and platforms can feel paltry compared to what you get with proprietary alternatives, many book authors have served up free, online books on open source topics. We round these up on a regular basis here at OStatic, and in this post you'll find seven online books that you can get comfortable with quickly. They introduce essential concepts for getting started with Linux, Firefox, Blender (3D graphics and animation), GIMP (graphics), the OpenOffice suite of productivity applications, and more.

We recently covered the efforts from the folks at FLOSS Manuals in this area, and here is an updated collection of free books on open source topics that you should find very useful. 

A Bushel of Useful Resources for the Powerful Inkscape Graphics App

Among truly sophisticated open source graphics tools, GIMP--originally created at U.C. Berkeley--tends to get mentioned first, and we've covered many free online resources that are available for it, but if you're looking for a graphics and illustration tool that can compete with Adobe Illustrator and is especially good for logos and splashy still graphics, give Inkscape a try. It is a truly powerful and flexible drawing and vector editing application. We've covered some useful resources and documentation for Inkscape before, but there are constantly new ones available. In this post, you'll find our updated collection.

Is there a good open source Flash development program?

I am slogging through the development of my real estate website. I see Flash content on really cool sites. I am also delving into creating photographic panoramas because they convey such a realistic view of the property. Hugin or GIMP?


GIMP 2.4.5 on Mac OS X

New Mac user here (I previously used GIMP on my PC). When I open a jpg file on my Mac, the image properties are substantially different than the original. For example, I take large format digital photos and they are usually 3,888 x 2,592 px with a file size of around 4 MB. When I open the same picture in GIMP the file properties are 360 x 240 px. This never happened on my PC. I can't find anything in the documentation to explain this. What am I missing (besides a bunch of pixels)?


Any good GIMP tutorial sites for beginners?

I'm just starting to use GIMP to do some basic web design. I have no professional training/background in either web design or GIMP and am looking for some good tutorial resources that could help me scale the learning curve quickly.

I ran a couple of google searches and there are 100s of sites that talk about GIMP but I was hoping someone could point me to a couple that would be useful for a first-time user like myself...

Has anyone used seashore?

Seashore is an image editor for the mac os. I currently use Gimp and am very happy with the feature set - although I have printing related issues from time to time which isn't really a big deal.

Was hoping to get some feedback on seashore to see if it makes sense to take this for a test drive.

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