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The Gentoo Linux operating system is a Linux distribution based on the Portage package management system. The development project and its products are named after the Gentoo penguin. Gentoo package ma... More

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Recent gentoo linux activity


Interview: Gentoo's Berkholz and Gaffney Look Ahead

I recently got the chance to talk with Gentoo Catalyst/Genkernel Release Engineering Lead Andrew Gaffney and developer/council member Donnie Berkholz about Gentoo Linux, the challenges it is facing, and the work that is being done by the community -- from veteran developers to new users -- to overcome them.

A Distribution, an Audience, and the Passage of Time

Gentoo Linux has had a rough time of it the last few years. James Bellenger has briefly detailed the migration from Gentoo, and some reasons why it is occurring. He wonders where all the Gentoo users are going.

Matt Asay at CNET suspects Ubuntu's rising star is responsible for the exodus rather than Gentoo's lack of strong leadership.

Having used both distributions extensively, and strongly preferring one, I agree with Asay when he says that given Ubuntu's popularity, Gentoo's stats seem far less impressive. That could be said about thriving distributions when compared to Ubuntu.

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