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Fedora (previously called Fedora Core) is a yum and RPM-based Linux distribution, developed by the community-supported Fedora Project and sponsored by Red Hat. It is a complete, general-purpose operat... More

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How Would You like GNOME 2.32 on Fedora 15?

bluebubbleSome folks just aren't happy with GNOME 3. Some aren't happy with the whole concept while others think it just really needs more simmering. Regardless of where you might fall in that spectrum, there may be hope yet. Juan "Nushio" Rodriguez, Fedora Ambassador and packager, has been working on bringing the deprecated desktop back to life for Fedora 15.

Kororaa 14 - Linux Mint of Fedora?

kororaaKororaa 14 was released today by Christopher Smart. Chris Smart first introduced his Kororaa Linux distribution in 2005, but it fell out of development in 2006/2007. Last Christmas Smart announced that development had restarted on Kororaa and today the first stable release was unveiled.

Fedora Blogs Going Bye-Bye?

FedoraThis may turn out to be little more than a rumor, but Mark Terranova (aka markdude) posted that the Fedora blogs would soon be discontinued. This comes just a few weeks after the Fedora Talk service was retired.

Text browser on Red Hat

I am looking to using a text browser (don't ask!) to analyze some sites and for that, I am looking to use a browser that can strip out all the flashy markup, and show me the 'raw' site. I am trying to set up Lynx on my Fedora box to do the same, but currently only have CLI access. What's the easiest way to do this?

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