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Eclipse is an open-source software framework written primarily in Java. In its default form it is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java developers, consisting of the ... More

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But I think Netbeans is useful than Eclipse

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The Most Popular

I think Eclipse is the most popular IDE for java/j2ee development.

I am using it since 2003.

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good ,good very good

I like it.

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The Best Free IDE For Java And Other

Eclipse is not only for Java only, it has support for Python (Pydev), PHP (PHPclipse), javascript... and C++.

I've never tried IntelliJ, but some people said is much better than Eclipse. But I still stick with Eclipse for a couple of years.

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Overly Policital

Eclipse used to be my editor of choice until I found IntelliJ. Now Eclipse seems to be bloated and politically in turmoil.

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Organizations Are Accepting Open Source, But Are They Giving Back?

Recently, we covered some of the extensive results from the Eclipse Community Survey and Open Source Developer Report, which contains lots of data about open source trends. In this year's survey, as has been seen in similar surveys recently, mobile applications and cloud computing are clearly on users' and developers' minds. Another set of results from this year's survey is generating discussion online, though, and raising questions about whether the many new organizations and businesses adopting open source software are also giving back to the projects they benefit from. In many cases, it appears that they are not giving back.

Enterprise Edition... Space Invaders?

Space Invaders Enterprise EditionWhat do you get when you cross business logic and 80s arcade video games? An open source Space Invaders clone that's being used to illustrate the power of a business logic integration platform for game design.

Chris Lewis, a Ph.D. student working on "the intersection of software engineering and video game development" developed a clone of Space Invaders in Java, and broke out the game logic for Space Invaders into a rules engine. The point? To illustrate how you can create a specification to give to programmers that's easy to read and debug:

Eclipse Foundation Delivers its Annual Flood of Developer Tools

Today, the Eclipse Foundation put out its annual release train, which encompasses technologies from 33 different open source project teams, and work from 44 different organizations. Eclipse is an open source community whose many projects are focused on open development platforms. For several years, the Eclipse Foundation has been increasingly focusing on developers in enterprises. The new release, dubbed Galileo, is definitely focused on expanding the use of Eclipse in enterprises, and features new support for Mac Cocoa 32, and a new PHP toolkit. You can download the projects in the release train here.  Here are more details, including a free upcoming virtual conference on Galileo that you can attend.

Good IDE for Ruby on Rails?

Any suggestions? I've been an eclipse (Java-j2ee) user for many years and am starting a new project that will have a very large Ruby/ROR component and was looking for suggestions for an IDE that would ease the pain as I switch gears from Java to Ruby...

Good css editor for eclipse

I have been using csseditor, and it is buggy on Europa Eclipse. What other editors exist that might be worth trying out?

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