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DokuWiki is wiki software aimed at small companies documentation needs. DokuWiki is licensed under GPL 2 and written in the programming language PHP. It works on plain text files and thus needs no dat... More

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LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
USER INTERFACE : web-based

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Information obtained from users, and repositories like FLOSSmole, Wikipedia, Apache, Codehaus, Tigris and several others. Please inform us of any errors, objections or omissions. You can find our terms of service here.
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BitNami Offers Easy Open Source

Original Post authored by Mike Gunderloy on 1/11/2008 on WebWorkerDaily

ScreenshotThere are many benefits to using open source software for web applications: rapid development cycles, leading functionality in many market segments, and of course the price. But actually deploying those applications can be a huge, daunting nuisance. The WordPress installation instructions, for example, may brag of taking only five minutes - but that presumes you are already running MySQL and PHP and a web server and are comfortable configuring them.

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