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Docker is a docking system tray that allows KDE and GNOME system tray applications to be run without needing to run a KDE/GNOME panel. It was primarily designed for Openbox 2, but should work in any w... More

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LICENSE : gnu general public license (gpl)
USER INTERFACE : x windows

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    Master Docker and Open Source Container Tech with Affordable Training Options

    As 2016 closes out, it's a great time to plan for some valuable training in key tech areas. After all, it's known that there are shortages in trained professionals familiar with OpenStack, Big Data tools and container technologies. We recently rounded up a number of options for cloud and Big Data training, including some free ones.

    But what if you want to familiarize yourself with Docker and Kubernetes and promote your skills as an open source container technology whiz? There are some good options for getting up to speed. Find several of these, below the fold.

    Docker Open Sources Key Infrastructure Component

    Docker has been steadily open sourcing some of its architectural components. In its lates move, the company is open sourcing containerd, an important infrastructure component in its container platform.

    As The Register noted:  The "d" stands for "daemon" – containerd is a daemon, or automated process, to control runC, the standard container runtime released by Docker last year, and since reclassified as something less than a runtime following community input. Containerd handles transferring container images, container execution, and low-level storage and network interfaces across Linux and Windows.

    Mirantis Offers Vendor-Agnostic Kubernetes, Docker Certification

    Mirantis, focused on the OpenStack cloud computing platform and ecosystem, has expanded its OpenStack training efforts in big ways over the past couple of years. But cloud deployments are increasingly becoming integrated with container technologies, and now Mirantis is expanding its training scope in recognition of that fact.

    The company has launched what it is billing as the first vendor-agnostic Kubernetes and Docker certification, giving enterprises a way to identify container skills in the cloud market. Professionals preparing for the certification are recommended to take the Kubernetes and Docker bootcamp. The company also announced a new online, self-paced KD100 training for people looking for economy pricing and time flexibility.

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