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With more than 1.35 million software downloads, Compiere, Inc. delivers one of the world's most widely used open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) au... More

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AUDIENCE : financial management
End users : Operations Management : Executive Management : Information Technology : DEVELOPMENT STATUS : production
Linux : Unix : PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE : javascript
pl/sql : java : USER INTERFACE : Web (AJAX)
Platform-independent Java client : DATABASE : jdbc
database abstraction layer : Oracle : EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus :

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Good, But Not Yet Industrial Strength

Compiere has come a long way and has a lot of the basics in place for an ERP but our employees still keep running in to issues that cause them to complain. The CRM, for example, is adequate, but people keep having a wandering eye towards and And then when you have to build out custom work you can always consider Salesforce with a cost/benefit analysis.

I have not pushed Compiere to its limits when using an ERP but from what I have seen, it is a good, solid start for our users. We have a department of 50+ people who are in the process of shifting out from the CRM feature and adopting

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Is Free ?

is free ?

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