Yahoo Is Prepping Several Projects to Contribute to Open Source

by Sam Dean - Mar. 29, 2011Comments (0)

According to an interview with David Chaiken, Chief Architect at Yahoo, the company plans to open source several non-core technologies that it has developed, including storage technologies and online tools. Over the past several years, Yahoo has been through a number of strategic shifts, outlasted Microsoft's attempts to buy the company, and closed the doors on a number of projects. Yahoo has always taken advantage of, developed and contributed to open source, and it will be very interesting to see what the latest open contributions are.

According to Computerworld U.K., in an interview with Chaiken:

 "These are systems that Yahoo built to help it handle large numbers of users on its websites, but that don't necessarily give it a competitive advantage."

This is hardly the first time that Yahoo has contributed code to the open source community. In 2009, Yahoo donated Traffic Server scalable caching proxy to the Apache Software Foundation, and the cloud computing team at Yahoo contributed this guest post to us here at OStatic about it. Traffic Server is used in-house at Yahoo to manage its own traffic and it enables session management, authentication, configuration management, load balancing, and routing for entire cloud computing stacks.

Yahoo has always had developers and APIs deeply focused on PHP, Java, JavaScript, AJAX, ColdFusion, Ruby, Python and much more, in addition to many cross-platform applications. The company has also been open about sharing user interface tools, as you can see at the Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI).  And, Yahoo's site was built from day one to run on FreeBSD technology. Beyond that, Yahoo is recognized for developing its own distribution of Hadoop technology for querying huge data sets and contributed mightily to the advancement of Hadoop.

There isn't news about which specific projects Yahoo will contribute to the open source community yet in its latest round, but Computerworld U.K. reports that there is a working group at the company evaluating possible projects. These will be worth watching as they are unveiled.


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