Yahoo and Others Deliver New Ways to Discover Smartphone Apps

by Sam Dean - Jun. 16, 2011Comments (0)

We've made the point many times that as the open source Android platform vies with Apple's iOS for dominance on smartphones, the race is all about how rich Android's and the iOS app ecosystems are. Smartphones are hardly the first hardware platform where this phenomenon has been seen. The rise of personal computers, and competition in the PC space, were largely defined by competition to deliver the richest set of available applications. Today, Yahoo is releasing new search tools that make discovering new Android and iPhone apps much easier. The new tools join other ones that can help you stock your smartphone with the very best apps.

Yahoo's new App Search tools are available now, and InfoWorld has some good details on what underlying data enables these tools:

"For now, Yahoo has indexed the mobile application catalogue of the Android Market and of the Apple App Store, and is convinced that it can do a better job than the search tools of those two online shops."

Without a doubt, Android Market and Apple's App Store will be eclipsed by more intelligent tools that allow for better app discovery. It's not uncommon these days for smartphone users to have hundreds of apps on their phones--some of them playing essential parts in their daily lives.

InfoWorld adds:

"In addition to letting people search for applications through conventional query terms, the Yahoo search tools also offer up recommendations based on users' preferences and likes; solicit and display reviews and ratings; and provide categories for browsing."

Crowdsourcing reviews and ratings for good mobile apps is not new. We've written before about Chomp (seen above), an iPhone app search engine that now caters to Android users. Chomp also features recommendations, and reviews of apps. It's worth trying both Chomp and Yahoo's new app discovery tools, especially if you depend on your smartphone. These third-party ways to discover apps are getting more and more sophisticated.


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