Want Fast, Private Browsing? Look Into SRWare Iron

by Sam Dean - Jun. 10, 2011Comments (1)

Whenever we cover Google's Chrome browser on OStatic and characterize it as an "open source browser," we often hear from users who clarify that the Chromium core of Chrome is open source, but that Chrome itself is a proprietary offshoot. Ever since Google released Chromium, it has been taken in new directions by developers. Long ago, we covered a Chromium offshot known as Iron, in a post called "Google Chrome--Minus the Snooping." Iron is a Chromium-based browser that combines the inherent speed of its open source core with lockdown privacy. If you haven't looked into it and private browsing matters to you, check it out.

Many popular browsers now include private browsing features, but SRWare Iron is designed for airtight privacy. TechLaze has an excellent discussion of it, noting:

 "SR Ware Iron...doesn’t send any data to Google; thus, keeping your browsing session as private as possible...What’s more, SR Ware comes with a built in ad-blocker that can easily be configured. To know more about the key differences between Chrome and SR Ware Iron, take a look at this page."

SRWare Iron originated as a German project. You can get it for Windows, the Mac OS, or Linux. You can find out more about the browser and get it here (note that you have to close an annoying ad to see the page). This page takes you directly to download links.

And, if you are interested in completely anonymous browsing, check out this post for many interesting solutions. 

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Iron is just Chromium but with some of Chromium's privacy settings hard wired in. Everything Iron does can be done in Chromium. Im using Iron right now its noticeably faster than Chrome. Ill be installing the latest version of Chromium soon and compare.

I think in this type of discussion its relevant information to point out that no one even showed up to pwn2own to do battle with chrome despite Googles 20k bounty. And no one challenged Firefox either.

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