VMware's Cloud Foundry to Play Prominent Role on Ubuntu 11.10

by Sam Dean - Aug. 18, 2011Comments (1)

Many new cloud computing platforms--including OpenStack, which is backed by heavy-hitting tech titans--have been beating the war drums for the last couple of years, and VMware's Cloud Foundry, which is billed to allow deployment and scalability of cloud apps in seconds, is now getting a lot of notice. Right out of the gate, Cloud Foundry experienced some performance hiccups that caused some to question the platform's stability, but VMware's platform will get a boost now that Canonical has announced that it will ship client and server components of Cloud Foundry in Ubuntu 11.10--the next major release of Ubuntu.

According to a VMware and Canonical announcement:

"By most measures Ubuntu is one of the leading operating systems in the cloud, including being the core OS powering CloudFoundry.com. Now starting with the 11.10 release both the VMC Client, and VCAP server functionality will be available directly as Ubuntu packages created by Canonical. With over 20 million active desktop users and a strong IaaS server OS popularity it represents an important milestone for the open source distribution of Cloud Foundry, and is just the beginning of an ongoing collaboration with Canonical. Having the VMC client pre-installed and ready on millions of developer desktops makes a Cloud Foundry app deployment just a few commands away for anyone using Ubuntu."

Canonical has also supplied this:

"Great news that Ubuntu 11.10 will include Cloud Foundry, an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, deploy and run Cloud applications. Other PaaS offerings have typically locked you into using specific frameworks and services defined by the PaaS vendor as well as proprietary host platforms...loud Foundry is made to be extensible so that while Spring, Rails, Sinatra and Node.js apps are supported today more frameworks can be added in the future as they gain in popularity. Even more exciting is that you will be able to run your PaaS in any cloud or behind your own firewall if you choose. No lock-in to a single development framework or Cloud vendor!"

The Oneiric Ocelot version 11.10 of Ubuntu will undoubtedly introduce a lot of Ubuntu users to the Cloud Foundry platform. According to both Canonical and VMware, it will be very simple to deploy applications in the cloud with the platform. VMware's virtualization tools may also become strong complements to such deployments, as we covered here

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Cloud foundry is indeed very interesting, probably once an open PaaS environment wins the minds and hearts of developers, IaaS will become less important as the real developer focus will be on PaaS. I work as the Ubuntu cloud community manager, and at Ubuntu we've done some really interesting work for deploying and managing Cloud Foundry on the cloud (and even physical servers) through a tool that we call ensemble (http://ensemble.ubuntu.com)

Checkout how to deploy manage and scale-up a multimachine cloud foundry deployment in 10 mins on ec2! Here is a very detailed article no how to get this done


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