Unity Coming to openSUSE Too?!

by Susan Linton - Dec. 24, 2010Comments (3)

openSUSEAfter the announcement by Canonical that Ubuntu would be moving to Unity for its interface, other developers have expressed some interest in porting it to their distributions just for fun. Fedora's Adam Williamson was one of the first to start building packages for other distributions, but now someone is working on openSUSE packages as well.

Nelson Marques, openSUSE contributor, began by porting some of Ubuntu's Indicators to openSUSE; many of which are available now in openSUSE:Contrib for 11.4 Milestone 4 and beyond. Some of these include the Me Menu Indicator, Battery Status, and Sound Indicator. Soon after sending those up to the contrib repository, Marques stated that since many of the Indicators and dependencies are shared with Unity, he might as well try to package Unity as well.

Well, as of yesterday he's well on his way. In a blog post, Marques stated that many packages are built and he's working to overcome some issues with another important ingredient, but it looks promising; very promising.

Marques said he hopes that he has a full set of Unity RPMS in factory before the beginning of the New Year.



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I have openSUSE version 10 on my laptop, and it was a suprise because I have never used it. I'd like to get onto the internet with the the internal intel wireless b/g card, but I have no clue how to get to it. I do know though that the system says it is offline. How do I connect it to a wireless router? Thanks!

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That is the stupidest thing OpenSUSE can do. Unity is for idiots.

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I just used a live CD on my other computer to test out openSUSE....problem is, I can't get it out now. The cd drive wont open while the system is running, and I tried restarting but it booted up with openSUSE. How do I get back to Vista?

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