Ultimate Edition 3.0 "Gamers" Released

by Susan Linton - Aug. 13, 2011Comments (5)

ultimateOn one of the slowest news days of the year came the welcomed announcement of Ultimate Edition 3.0 "Gamers." The Ultimate Edition, once dubbed Ubuntu Ultimate, is based or derived from Lubuntu, but the "Gamers" Edition takes it to another level by offering an environment suitable for gaming as well as dozens of pre-installed games and emulators.

Since the Gamers Edition is built on the "Lite" version, regular software is somewhat less than one might find on the full version, but it certainly seems like Ultimate Lite brings more than most other's full. You'll find applications such as Firefox, Sylpheed, Amarok, Brasero, Pidgin, and VLC. This sits on Linux 2.6.38-8, Xorg X Server 1.10.1, and GCC 4.4.5 is installable. The list of games is quite extensive, but suffice to say that just about every cool game you can think of that's freely available for Linux is included. Wine, Winetricks, and PlayOnLinux are also thrown in for good measure.


Synpatic Package Management


The LXDE desktop is attractive enough and the theme is memorable. There are a few little extras here and there, one of which is something that looks very much like a rocketship cursor. The installer is borrowed from Lubuntu, which looks like the Ubuntu installer. The extra hardware driver installer is present as are several configuration tools.

There are several gaming distributions available, but they each have their own strong points. It seems that Ultimate's are a modern and lightweight system with all the software from Ubuntu at your fingertips.

It looks like it's going to be a dull weekend, might as well play some games.


Lubuntu/Ultimate Installer


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Hello i would like to see if one can give the look of gnome is going to be in the inerface that would be nice i like the gnome look so can i make the inface gnome i do not know so if any one knows plz. let me know

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I love ubunto, i love

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Looks cool. Worth a try for a gaming desktop.

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Who would want all those games, many of which aren't that great, cluttering up their app menus?

Seriously, those who think having a billion pieces of software installed makes their desktop awesome are stupid. You should only have installed the stuff you want to use or try out.

With this bundle, you have to go through all the work of *removing* all the crap you don't want.

What a pain.

Just focus on making Linux software easily installable and standardized on any distro, and all problems will be solved. You shouldn't have to re-install your freaking *operating system* just to have certain programs installed.

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Well the point of installing it on our desktop is to use it...join the crew buddy!

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