Try These Essential Open Source Tools for Administrators and Developers

by Sam Dean - Sep. 19, 2011Comments (0)

IT administrators all over the world are waking up to the many useful open source components, development tools and specialized open source applications that can help them deliver better experiences and better service to their users. Some of these admins are overseeing Linux deployments, but many of them manage heterogenous environments, and open source tools for administrators and developers have proliferated for the Mac and Windows platforms as well as Linux. Here are some essential open source tools that administrators and developers can look into.

InfoWorld has a very exhaustive exploration of 15 essential open source tools for administrators overseeing Windows environments.  These include Amanda, which helps ease the task of backing up Windows systems, NMap, a security scanning tool that originated as a Linux application, and Zenmap, a network topology tool. There are also some open source tools for administrators that come from Microsoft.

Many It administrators are involved with development tasks. Kompozer is a huge favorite with developers who work with CSS (cascading style sheets). Kompozer's rendering engine uses Gecko, the same layout engine in Mozilla's Firefox. It stands out for its very easy-to-use CSS editor, and strong WYSIWYG features. Windows, Mac and Linux users can get going with it.

Developers and administrators can also benefit from Opera Web Standards Curriculum and W3 Schools. Both sites are extremely rich in resources for building best-of-breed online applications. 

W3Schools has a very exhaustive set of free, hands-on tutorials on both mainstream and esoteric web development topics. You can brush up on CSS, publishing your experiments to actual pages, or walk through examples of how to use everything from AJAX to PHP. Definitely one to look into.

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