The U.S. Army is Pursuing An Android Smartphone Strategy for Soldiers

by Sam Dean - Apr. 22, 2011Comments (0)

According to International Business Times, based on recent comments from U.S. Army personnel, the Army is building an Android-based smartphone framework and application suite designed for soldiers. Senior Army officials have noted that there could be numerous advantages to reap if soldiers are "armed" with customized smartphones, but the really notable part of the Army's current plan is that it has focused on the open source Android-based mobile OS.

International Business Times takes note of this, posted to an Army web site, regarding Mobile/Handheld Computing Environment, which is the Android-based smartphone framework and application suite for soldiers: 

"Using the Mobile /Handheld CE Product Developers Kit, we're going to allow the third-party developers to actually develop capabilities that aren't stovepiped," said Lt. Col. Mark Daniels, product manager for JBC-P. "That's going to allow us to be interoperable across the entire family of systems of JBC-P, which would include the platforms, the aviation, the logistics community, the tanks, the Bradleys, the handhelds."

JBC-P refers to Joint Battle Command-Platform, a handheld software framework that the Army has already been working on. The idea behind the Mobile Handheld CE Product Developers Kit is that third-party developers can build meaningful applications for the Army. So it makes sense that the Army is going with Android, an open source mobile operating system. You can read more about the Army's plans on the Army web site.

According to various reports, the Army already has battalions of soldiers lined up to try its now Android-based tools, and it looks like this effort will help proliferate Android in the military. No doubt, if the Army's Android platform and ensuing applications work for its soldiers, the tools will be shared with other branches of the U.S. military. Take that, iPhone.

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