The Linux Foundation Announces Top Five Linux Gurus

by Sam Dean - Mar. 28, 2011Comments (1)

The Linux Foundation contributes a whole lot to the Linux ecosystem, including recognizing movers and shakers in that ecosystem, and today it is announcing its Top Five Linux Gurus. The Gurus are awarded their status based on points accumulated by contributing to a variety of activities on the site. The program totals points earned from February 16 through February 15 of each year, so tallying for this year's list just ended in mid-February. Here, below the fold, are the gurus for this year.

According to The Linux Foundation's announcement, the Top Five Gurus are:

Ultimate Linux Guru Matthew Fillpot (mfillpot) is a development and training specialist at an international travel company. He has been a Linux user since 2000, was ranked among the Top Five Guru's in 2010, and has been a moderator since early 2009. As the Ultimate Linux Guru, Matthew will receive a fully loaded "Dream Linux Machine." 

Linux Guru Aaron Aceves (adnhack) is a software engineer at Softek and says he was "born to be a geek" and that he "likes Linux, tech, coding and Mustangs."

Linux Guru Andrea Benini (ben) has been a systems administrator for nearly 20 years and today holds that title, along with product manager, at Pluriservice. This is the second year Andrea has ranked among the Top Five contributors.

Linux Guru Shane Hatcher (ShaneH57) is a student who is planning a career as a Linux Systems Administrator after graduation. Shane is also a volunteer at his local fire department and rescue squad.

Linux Guru Istimsak Abdulbasir (saqman2060) is a self-proclaimed tech enthusiastic that loves to learn new skills and enjoys simplifying complex technical materials. Istimsak is also a moderator.

The Top Five Gurus will receive invitations to attend this year's Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit where they will participate in the annual Planning Meeting.  But the Gurus recognition also dovetails with efforts to boost the employment prospects of those involved. Each of the Top Five Gurus will also receive digital Guru badges to further market their skills to potential employers and demonstrate their status among peers.

The announcement from The Linux Foundation also recognizes the increasing value of Linux and open source skills in the workplace, which we have noted before as well.  According to IT career website, job postings asking for Linux knowledge are up 47 percent year-over-year. "Because Linux is powering everything from smart phones to tablets and supercomputers to smart grids, job seekers with Linux experience have an advantage in today's job market," says The Linux Foundation's announcement. All of which goes to show that specialization can spell remarkable results.



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Ive been working with Linux for years in the CCTV Industry I find their products to be very stable,

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