The Linux Foundation and Big Backers Are Behind the Tizen Mobile Platform

by Sam Dean - Sep. 28, 2011Comments (0)

The Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin has made the following announcement, regarding a significant new mobile platform: "Today we are welcoming a new project hosted at The Linux Foundation. Tizen is a Linux-based, open source platform designed to address the future of HTML5-based applications across a variety of device types. We think the project has a lot of potential, both for its technology and the major players it has involved in it." Intel and the LiMo Foundation are also backing Tizen, which succeeds the MeeGo and LiMo platforms. Could this finally be an open source mobile platform to compete effectively with Android?

According to Zemlin:

"Tizen will also incorporate the same principles and open source philosophies as the MeeGo project. Importantly, the “upstream first” philosophy will remain a key tenet of Tizen, allowing everyone in the Linux community to benefit from the work being done on the project...While Meego will remain a project at The Linux Foundation, we see industry leaders lining up behind Tizen. Imad Sousou, Meego’s technical steering group co-leader, had this to say about the future of Meego. Of course Meego is open source, so if there is an itch to scratch best served by its code and community, developers are welcome to participate. There has been a lot of great work done in the Meego project, and we are pleased to see that code carried over to Tizen."

Tizen will reportedly arrive in an initial release and SDK in the first quarter of next year, and with major players backing it, it almost certainly spells the end of MeeGo.

In a post titled "Is It Too Late for an Open Source Challenge to Android?," I wondered whether an open source mobile platform might still be able to compete. After all, Android was on only one handset as recenty as March of 2009--it's a young OS. In the history of operating systems, did Apple throw in the towel after Microsoft had a little over a year of success with Windows? Did the whole Linux community throw in the towel after that brief spurt of success from Microsoft? No and no.

There is still room for an open source mobile platform that has big backers and innovates. We'll have to wait a few more months to see if Tizen can be that player.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about Tizen at

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