Syncsort Aims to Extend Hadoop's Big Data Capabilities

by Sam Dean - May. 04, 2011Comments (0)

Earlier this week, we noted that Yahoo has confirmed that it may have commercial plans surrounding the open source data crunching juggernaut Hadoop, and we also noted that Hadoop is being so widely adopted by enterprises and organizations, that there may be room for many new commercial strategies surrounding it. Organizations that have found mission-critical tasks for Hadoop range from The New York Times to Yahoo to Groupon,  Facebook and Twitter. Hadoop has also given rise to the startup Cloudera, which offers support and services surrounding it, and has its own Hadoop distribution. Now, Syncsort, a global leader in data integration solutions and data protection, has announced significant new business plans centered on Hadoop.

Today, Syncsort announced that it is joining the Apache Hadoop community, and has plans to offer flexible, varied high-performance data sorting for use within Hadoop. In a statement, Syncsort CEO Flavio Santoni said:

"We believe that it is critical for vendors like Syncsort to find meaningful ways to contribute to the Hadoop community and help make Hadoop a stronger, more viable alternative for organizations. As customers increasingly find that it is not economically or technically feasible to track and manage their exploding data volumes in commercial databases, we have a responsibility to innovate and provide solutions that address their most complex, data-intensive environments. We welcome the opportunity to work with the open source community and customers alike to apply Syncsort's unique expertise and technology to today's big data challenges."

Additionally, Syncsort is announcing a special DMExpress Hadoop Edition of its  data integration acceleration software that will include Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) connectivity and the ability to create jobs in DMExpress' graphical user interface and run them in MapReduce. This solution, drew the following praise from Michael Brown, Chief Technology Officer, comScore:

"We see tremendous potential for using lightweight, easy to deploy tools like DMExpress for accelerating MapReduce processing and making it more efficient. The benchmark testing we have completed with Syncsort has exceeded our expectations and we applaud their leadership in contributing to the open source community and applying their expertise to make it easier for data-intensive organizations like comScore to build and maintain transformations in Hadoop."

 Of course, this type of commercial extension of Hadoop's core capabilities has happened before with customized distributions of Hadoop, but Syncsort is a big player trusted by many enterprises, and may be able to markedly extend the big data-sifting tasks that organizations are increasingly depending on Hadoop for. It's another example of how large technology companies are increasingly taking open source tools and extending them for business and organizational usage. 

The Hadoop story gets ever more interesting, and Syncsort's DMExpress Hadoop Edition is to arrive in a beta release in June, with an official release coming later in the year.

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