SimplyMepis 11.0 on Its Way!

by Susan Linton - Nov. 10, 2010Comments (11)

MepisThe first alpha of SimplyMepis 11.0 has been released. Yesterday Warren Woodford teased his Twitter followers images might be coming today and, sure enough, 32- and 64-bit ISOs were uploaded to Mepis servers a few hours ago. While details are sketchy, this alpha is based on the unfinished Debian Squeeze, with Linux kernel 2.6.36, and featuring KDE 4.

True to its conservative nature, this is the first SimplyMepis to offer KDE 4. Warren was probably the last KDE 3 holdout, waiting for KDE 4 to stablize. KDE 4.4.5 is the version currently being shipped, still several KDE releases behind. However, many users have reported performance regressions with KDE 4.5, so it may be to Mepis users' advantage to stick with what some believe has been the best KDE 4 release so far.

It looks as though 11.0 is going to break the 700 MB CD barrier, propelling it into the DVD-zone. Current alphas are 801 MB, but rumors are floating around that SimplyMepis will now include lots more software goodies since that barrier is down. On the other hand, further speculation is that "lite" for CDROM and USB versions may also be released. We'll have to wait and see.

It's been said that "Warren's alpha's are like other folk's betas, betas like RCs, etc, etc" but several posts to the MepisLovers forum indicate there are hardware issues. Several people, like yours truly, are experiencing boot showstoppers while a others are having graphic issues.

While 11.0 is definitely on its way, it appears many users will have to wait until the next release to see what's new. Stay tuned.


Correction:  The article incorrectly stated that this will be the first SimplyMepis to use KDE 4, but version 8.5 actually held that honor by shipping with KDE 4.3.4.  The author actually knew that and can only claim a brain glitch.  I apologize for the mistake.

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There's an issue with this article: SimplyMEPIS 11 is not the first MEPIS to have KDE 4. That title goes to SimplyMEPIS 8.5; I know this because I tested it. I believe version 8.5 uses KDE 4.3.

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SimplyMEPIS 8.5, based on Debian Lenny, shipped with KDE4. The last KDE3 release was 8.0, and it has since EOL'd. This is a rather large error. Please fix.

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Nice report, Susan--and great that you include some of the user comments as well to give an accurate view of the current situation.

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You are correct that there are just TWO classes of MEPIS-11 alpha-testers:

Those that CAN boot the Live-DVD and those that can't (yet).

But, your cred slips, when you miss-state that this is first KDE-4.x-based MEPIS.

(as others have pointed out).

Let's ALL just remember that this is the FIRST 'proof-of-concept' for MEPIS-11.0...aka 'ALPHA'!

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What happened to ver. 9 and 10? Going from 8.5 to 11? Seems like another mistake in the article.


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Mepis does jump from 8.5 to 11. There are no versions 9 or 10.

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The jump from MEPIS 8.5 to MEPIS 11 is (from is to start matching releases to the year they are released.

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Thank you for mentioning SimplyMEPIS. Thank you for the corrections concerning Versions 8.0 (KDE 3.5.9) and 8.5 (KDE SC 4.3.4).

Alpha Build 1, (10.9.70) of SimplyMEPIS 11 is excellent, but being the very first Alpha, there are some rough spots. The biggest one that affected quite a few people was the missing device number in the root parameter of the GRUB entries. You would see something like root ,5) instead of root (hd0,5). GRUB Legacy has an integrated editor for correcting such things, and hopefully veteran testers will get easily past that. I am sure we will not see that in future builds. Once past that glitch, I found this first build to actually work VERY well indeed.

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Mepis being a rolling system, I guess I can upgrade without problem from 8.5 to 11?

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To provide a further update, SimplyMEPIS 11.0, Alpha Build 2, (10.9.75) was released on Friday, November 19 by Warren Woodford. By mid day, it was beginning to reach the mirror sites. I ran it and found it usable. Some people continue to experience a scenario where the MEPIS file system is not recognized. This has been a known and documented problem in the first two builds. The GRUB boot loader menu error from Build 1 has been fixed. A fair number of people have been able to run this second build - more than the first build.

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@ Brian Masinick

I tried to edit that grub screen. I had seen that workaround mentioned in the forums, but depressing "E" just gave me the boot parameters at the bottom of the splash screen. Hitting "esc" sent me to a boot screen that could do nothing but enter one of the boot choices and (attempt) to boot. Those are the two tricks I've used to get to grub edit screens so many times in the past.

So, tell a 10 year newbie what's the trick to get to the edit screen?



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