Searchlight Solutions to Acquire Control of Linux Labs' Supercomputing Resources

by Sam Dean - May. 02, 2011Comments (0)

Strong signs have recently emerged that Linux is becoming an increasingly important server-level platform, but not everyone realizes that Linux is also central to many of the most cutting-edge supercomputing efforts. Supercomputing projects all around the world rely on Linux, and now it appears that new projects in this arena will arise, as Searchlight Solutions has announced that it has completed the closing of the definitive agreement for the acquisition of the majority control of the common stock of Linux Labs International Inc., which specializes in solutions for high-performance supercomputing.

Searchlight Solutions officials stated: "The Closing is a momentous occasion for our Company. Linux will be the foundation for building our long term growth plans. We look forward to moving rapidly to integrate growth and bring value to our shareholders." The company provides development and management services for early stage technology companies, and Linux Labs' supercomputing assets may become key to these efforts.

Over the past few years, more and more supercomputing projects have relied on Linux. More public companies are also providing resources for supercomputing. For example, Google's Exacycle project makes supercomputing architecture available to academics.  IBM has also released open source tools focused on supercomputing. 

It remains to be seen exactly what kinds of supercomputing resources Searchlight Solutions will be able to offer using Linux Labs' assets in this area, but there is no question that open source is directly relevant to more and more supercomputing projects going on all around the world. Now, businesses--not just academic insititutions--are taking notice.


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