Report: Ruby Creator Sets Sights on Mobile App Development

by Sam Dean - Sep. 06, 2011Comments (0)

Ruby, the open source programming language, has been a phenomenon in the development community for many years running now. The Ruby on Rails application framework has been covered many times here on OStatic, and since the Ruby language was founded in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto, it has helped many innovations flourish. For example, Twitter has made extensive use of Ruby. InfoWorld has an interesting interview with Matsumoto posted, where he very clearly points to Ruby's future in mobile application development.

Speaking to InfoWorld, Matsumoto said:

"I'm currently working on an alternative subset or dialect of Ruby for the small devices. I'm going to make it public early next year. Of course, mobile computing is the way to go, so that's one of the reasons I focus on the Ruby dialect working on the smaller devices."

Notably, Matsumoto also says he is focused on embedded technologies and supercomputers for Ruby. But it is in the area of mobile application development that Ruby likely has a really bright future. Much effort has been poured into applying Ruby to large, scalable applications, but it is a beloved development tool that application developers will continue to favor as they produce more and more mobile apps. Ruby is flexible, and is at the center of many agile development initiatives.

In any case, Matsumoto's Ruby offshoot will be an interesting arrival to look out for. He also makes clear that we'll see it in a matter of a few months.


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