PCLinuxOS 2011.07 MiniMe KDE Released

by Susan Linton - Jul. 14, 2011Comments (2)

pclosThe newest MiniMe from PCLinuxOS is now available. MiniMe is a fully capable operating system but comes with less software than the full PCLinuxOS spins. The main idea is to allow users to personalize their system without having to uninstall too much before actually installing their choices.

New this release is Linux, Xorg X Server 1.10.3, GCC 4.5.2, and a basic KDE 4.6.5. The release announcement explains, "This is a barebones installation. No other software included on the the LiveCD. This release is for advanced users who know what software they want and how to install and configure it. Over 13,000 software packages available to customize your MiniMe installation."

The look for 2011.07 MiniMe KDE comes from the same brushed metal theme as found in regular PCLOS. This theme runs from GRUB boot screen, boot splash, login, to desktop elements.

Some of the download mirrors include:





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Just tried it and the PCLinuxOS team have done a great job in this MiniMe version.

For those users who like a good "base" system without any gumf this is ideal, especially having the excellent choice of apps in the repos.

One thing it didn't lose is the ability to install the right graphics (nvidia) driver on my laptop and wireless worked out of the box on both Live CD and when I'd installed it.

They have a small app named LOmanager which lets the user choose which locale they need and it then proceeds to download and install the full LibreOffice suite of apps - I found it very easy to use.

Best mini release I've tried.

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I added Chromium browser, Claws Email, Clemetine Music Player and VLC Video Player. Got everything I need with no extra junk.

PCLinuxOS MiniMe rawks.

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