openSUSE 11.4 Turned Out Really Great

by Susan Linton - Mar. 11, 2011Comments (3)

openSUSEopenSUSE 11.4 was just released and I, like many others, rushed to test it. I've been an openSUSE fan since the beginning and I've really only had issues with one release. All other openSUSE releases have been worry-free, polished and professional. Now, I've only been using 11.4 for a relatively short time, but so far it seems openSUSE has topped itself this time.

Its great looks are not a surprise, openSUSE is always pretty. Its great functionality isn't a surprise either, it always works very well. But the performance is a bit surprising, pleasantly so. It has really gotten a turbo boost this release. This is felt when booting, on the desktop, in the applications, and even with the software manager (which has been notorious for being heavy in the past).

I downloaded the 4.6 gigabyte installer, but it comes in KDE and GNOME live images as well. KDE 4.6.0 is the default desktop and GNOME 2.32 is still the main GNOME desktop. GNOME 3.0 Shell is available to those who wish to test drive it. Xfce 4.8 and LXDE is also available as well.

I didn't spot any drastic changes to the installer other than updated images. These graphics match the new theme of openSUSE system in general that revolves around a customized Stripes wallpaper. The shade of green used combined with the translucent panel make the default KDE desktop look scrumdelicious. This Stripes image is used throughout in applications as splashes as well as backgrounds in the KDE app intro screens and desktop login, etc. openSUSE developers are always quite thorough in updating all the images giving that overall impression of polish and professionalism.

LibreOffice 3.3.1 has replaced this release, and Scribus 1.4.0 and Koffice 2.3.1 are also available. Firefox has been upgraded to 4.0b12. Banshee 1.9.3 is among the many media players and Aaron Bockover said that "100% of referral revenue generated by Banshee's Amazon MP3 support goes directly to the GNOME Foundation. 100%."

Some folks are having a several issues not experienced by me. But this isn't uncommon. What works for one user and their hardware may not work for another.

Tumbleweed gives one the option of a rolling release. SUSE Studio has been updated for 11.4. Packman provides some additional applications.

Here are a couple screenshots of my openSUSE desktop:











 has some more screenshots. Jim Lynch has put up a short review with more screenshots. See the official announcement or the Product Highlights for more information than anyone needs to know. Download options are here.


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I was really impressed with the speed. Normally I had found a full-blown KDE installation was very slow, but this one seems downright snappy.

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I have used SuSE and now of course opensuse since 6.3 cursed it and always came back to it. However since late I have found some annoying things like, sax2 not there anymore the nouveaux driver interfering with the NVIDIA driver it is difficult sometimes to get it right. I resort to keep a X11 directory on a spare disk, forbid the nouveaux driver to be installed, remove the new X11 dir. reinstall the saved one and then install the NVIDIA latest driver. Then starting with M5 or 6 I believe, on a fresh bootup or restart my desktop would be unuseable for about 3-5 minutes and then slowly start to respond to keyboard or mouse. The hardrive light be on solid and 100 % cpu useage. Kdirstat/KDE3 used to be available and I used it a lot to find all my lost disk space used up by experiments. Found it on an 11.3 disk installed it and bingo there was a 290+gb file bundle in home/**/.local/data/tracker. Check on the net found other people had also problems with it. Yast2 is a great program to de-install multiple files and dependencies. Got 290gb disk space back and my desktop runs like a top within a few minutes after being rewaked(??) from hybernation. If I now only can figure out how to restart my wireless usb adaptor without having to unplug it and reinsert it ....

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Where is eclipse ide? Why is there only netbeans 6.8 and not 6.9.1? I wish these two things were included in openSUSE 11.4.

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