OpenStack Foundation to Form in 2012: A Spin-Out from Rackspace

by Sam Dean - Oct. 06, 2011Comments (0)

It's official: After some early posts that reported that the OpenStack cloud computing platform will be spun out from Rackspace, OpenStack officials have confirmed that a new nonprofit foundation will oversee development and evangelism beginning in 2012. OpenStack is presenting significant challenges to proprietary cloud computing platforms and offering a flexible, open source alternative, so this promises to be good news. OpenStack's oversight will also differ significantly from some of the open source cloud platforms backed solely by commercial entities.

Back in July of last year, Rackspace and NASA announced an effort to create sophisticated open source cloud computing infrastructure that could compete with proprietary offerings. Dubbed the OpenStack project, it was targeted to manage both software-centric and storage-centric aspects of cloud computing, focusing on clusters that can leverage distributed resources. It has a number of heavy-hitters behind it, including Canonical, Dell and Intel, and now will be steered by a nonprofit foundation.

According to an announcement on the site:

"Tomorrow at the OpenStack Conference in Boston, Lew Moorman will discuss Rackspace’s intention to form an OpenStack Foundation in 2012, which will be responsible for Project Governance and ownership of the OpenStack trademark...User adoption is really taking off, and we’ll be hearing from MercardoLibre, CERN, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Fidelity, Disney, and NeCTAR tomorrow during the OpenStack Conference in Boston."

While it's widely known that OpenStack is being adopted as a viable, open cloud platform, not everyone knows that many startups are building business models around it as well. According to "OpenStack startups are also being funded at an amazing rate, including Piston and Nebula, both founded by ex-NASA folks who helped create OpenStack and are now leading companies around it, and Techstars recently announced an incubator program for Cloud start ups focused on OpenStack."

OpenStack only burst onto the scene in July of 2010. Just as Android has spread out in a huge way as a mobile OS in a very short amount of time, OpenStack is showing signs of doing the same in the cloud. Tomorrow, we'll get more details on what the OpenStack Foundation will oversee.

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