OpenOffice and LibreOffice Won't Be Kissing and Making Up

by Susan Linton - Apr. 18, 2011Comments (7)

libreofficeAfter last Friday's Oracle announcement that they were going to move to a community-based project everyone wondered what would be the result concerning The Document Foundation and LibreOffice. Would there be a reunification?

Today The Document Foundation published an announcement putting that speculation to rest. In a short but firm statement Charles-H. Schulz said that the foundation would be continuing on as planned. He further stated, "The Document Foundation is an independent self-governing meritocratic Foundation, created by leading members of the Community and we are always willing to include new members and partners."

Also included in the statement was the key points that The Document Foundation "continues to build on the foundation of ten years' dedicated work by the Community." It "was created in the belief that the culture born out of an independent Foundation brings the best in contributors and will deliver the best software for the marketplace."

So, there you have it. There will be no merger of the projects, but The Document Foundation would gladly accept any developers wishing to leave for LibreOffice.

In other news, LibreOffice 3.4 Beta 1 was released on April 15 with lots of bug fixes and a few new features. See the full changelog for details.

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Viva la LibreOffice!

It seems like those who went to work on OOo's fork made a good decision, because even without the fork, OOo isn't a money-maker, and wasn't likely to be in Oracle's interests for too long.

I just hope the same fate doesn't reach VirtualBox... it's a very useful tool.

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To Oracle,

You had your chance and blew it, now go away and leave us alone.

Go LibreOffice!!!

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Rest in peace

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I think the LO folks are going with ego and shortsighted. Openoffice has lot more traffic and exposure in the third world, and TM recognition. Combining things will only make the community much more successful..

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@ Rob Williams

OOo is definitely a money maker in the end since star office is carefully chosen snapshot releases of OOo with some proprietary features the prior doesn't have (since oracle though, star office is now known as oracle open office).

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"I think the LO folks are going with ego and shortsighted."

The shortsighted ego is named "Larry".

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This story has things pretty much backwards. If you took the time to read the press release on the Document Foundation site ( , it says this;

"The development of TDF community and LibreOffice is going forward as planned, and we are always willing to include new members and partners."

Quite clearly, TDF is very open to merging the two projects back together under a community run foundation, the very thing that Oracle is now trying to do. The main difference is that TDF are very clear on setting up a meritocratic organisation, not one where people pay for votes.

Sounds a lot like what happened with the old Mambo CMS. When they tried to grab for power the main devs forked off into Joomla and Mambo faded into the pages of history, but not before they tried to make a pseudo community run foundation. Obviously Oracle aren't just going to fade away, but OpenOffice will shortly after they dump it.

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