Open Source Voices: A Grab Bag of OStatic's Latest Guest Posts and Roundups

by Sam Dean - Aug. 23, 2011Comments (1)

Recently, OStatic conducted an interview series with cloud computing platform managers, and makers of commercial cloud platforms, focused on the question, "What's in Your Stack?" The people we interviewed are, in many cases, cloud pioneers, and include founders of hot cloud-focused startup companies. In addition to these interviews, we've been running a series of guest posts from company founders, core open source project committers, and other people doing interesting things in the open source community. Here is a complete and updated collection of these interviews and guest posts in one post. Hopefully, you'll find some thoughts of interest here.

The interviews in our cloud platform series are found here, including the latest ones:

CloudSwitch's Founder on What's in His Cloud Stack

CloudBees' Founder Discusses What's in His Stack

myClin Founder Discusses What's in His Stack

The Man Behind Swiss Federal Mapping Discusses His Stack

Lucas Carlson, Founder of PHP Fog, Discusses What's in His Stack

Standing Cloud's CEO: What in His Stack?

Here is an updated collection of guest posts on topics of interest from around the open source community:

Lucid Imagination's Co-Founder on the State of Search

Under the Hood in Apache Lucene 4.0

 How eBay Leveraged Open Source to Streamline Transaction Processing

 Financing, By and For Developers

The Rise of Open Source Foundations

Finding the Right Cloud for Your Business

The Importance of Openness in Mobile App Development

And here are many of OStatic's most popular open source resource collection posts, with lots of free tools and books available through them:

All Things Cloud: A Tour Through Our Collected Resources

10 Open Source Ways to Improve Your Online Video Mojo

6 Ways to Get Much More Out of GIMP

8 Free, Open Source Tools for a Better Digital Music Experience

5 Open Source Apps to Manage Your Collections

Over 45 Free, Essential Open Source Resources

10 Free Resources for Splashy Graphics and Slick Photos

Open Source Media Center Apps Are Growing Up

16 Free Tutorials for Top Open Source Applications

5 Resources for Digging Into Linux

OStatic's Firefox Superguide

5 Free Open Source Books for Beginners



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