New Tutorial for Unity Desktop Customization--Worth Looking Into

by Sam Dean - Jun. 23, 2011Comments (0)

Recently, in our post "All the Free Linux Documentation Resources You'll Ever Need," we took note of the fact that many people complain that the shortcoming to Linux and open source software is that there just isn't adequate documentation. The post pointed to several community-driven documentation efforts worth checking into, whether you're a beginner or a more advanced Linux user. Currently, many dedicated Ubuntu users are still wrestling with Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) and the Unity environment that it features. Softpedia is out with a very complete, screenshot-driven guide to customizing the Ubuntu 11.04 desktop, worth checking into you're using it, especially if you're having interface problems.

According to Softpedia:

"Many of you hate Unity, therefore this step-by-step tutorial was created for the Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) operating system and it will teach you how to change the looks of your Linux desktop into an eye-candy, practical, simple and modern workstation."

All the way back when Canonical announced its decision to move toward Unity with Ubuntu, there was outcry, and it continues. Here on OStatic, Jon Buys wrote:

"Making Ubuntu simpler and easier to use for those new to the platform gives Linux a wider distribution. We are in the beginnings of a major change in computing. You can’t have change without upsetting a few people, and you can’t push a project as big as the Linux desktop forward without change."

Some would argue that Unity doesn't make things easy, though. At least in terms of desktop customization, Softpedia's tutorial is worth looking into for this reason. The tutorial walks you through cleaning your desktop, installing the Cairo dock, installing a new GTK2 theme, and making final touch-ups. 

Community outcry against Unity will continue for the next couple of years, but easy-to-follow documentation for it is appearing, and, in the end, it will probably make Ubuntu friendlier for many potential new Linux users. If you are brand new to Ubuntu itself, also check out our guide to free Linux resources

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