New Stable Version of Blender: How To Get Started With It

by Sam Dean - Apr. 15, 2011Comments (0)

We've written before many times about Blender, which is a powerful open source 3D modeling, graphics and animation application, for which there are many community-driven resources. Blender is in fact so powerful that it's been used to create very professional looking full-length animated movies. It's also useful for creating splashy graphics and logos, and we've covered many free resources and Getting Started guides for it. 

Now, Blender is out in a new version 2.57 that the Blender Foundation is characterizing as the first "stable" release from the 2.5 series. The release is worth getting, and here are details on it as well as resources for getting up to speed with this very powerful open source application.

According to the Blender Foundation:

The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.57. This is the first stable release of the Blender 2.5 series, representing the culmination of many years of redesign and development work.

We name this version “Stable” not only because it’s mostly feature complete, but especially thanks to the 1000s of fixes and feature updates we did since the 2.5 beta versions were published.

The next 2 months we will keep working on finishing a couple of left-over 2.5 targets and we expect to get feedback and bug reports from users to handle as well. If all goes well, the 2.58 version then can be the final release of the 2.5 series, with a massive amount of new projects to be added for an exciting cycle of 2.6x versions. Target is to release updates every 2 months this year.

The new release is getting good reviews around the web, and here at OStatic we've collected a lot of free resources for getting going with Blender. The web, and the site both have many Blender tutorials, and the free online book "Blender Basics" is a great place to start with the application. There are also many fee-based books on Blender, and a new one is reviewed here.

As we've covered before, if you have the time to spare, Tufts University's free online course on Blender is absolutely outstanding.  The Tufts free online Blender course is broken up into Learning Units, as seen here, and if you go through the whole course you get 68 hours of education.

With the weekend approaching, it's a good time to get the Blender upgrade and take advantage of some of the above free tutorials if you're new to the application.



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