Nelson Continues Importing Ubuntu to openSUSE

by Susan Linton - Feb. 02, 2011Comments (4)

openSUSENelson Marques began by importing Ubuntu Indicator Applets to openSUSE, he said, to make openSUSE more familiar to his fellow countrymen that are more accustomed to Ubuntu. Well, that soon led to Unity. Now he's importing Synapse.

Marques continued to pound away on Unity after his first progress update. At the time he was experiencing some unspecified issues that he was sure he was close to overcoming. In a recent post he explained that his Unity builds were suffering numerous crashes with the openSUSE Build Service Compiz. After examining the Ubuntu packages, Marques believes he has worked through that obstacle, but still has a few other little annoyances to fix. At last report he said he should have a BETA ready to test real soon.

Well, as if that wasn't enough Marques is now building Synapse for openSUSE. Synapse is a file launcher and search tool for your desktop. Marques descibes it as, "a semantic file launcher (pretty much the same as hitting ALT+F2 on a GNOME session) with some crazy looks and a battalion of plugins." Again, a few bugs are present, but most functionality is working on recent openSUSE 11.4 Milestones.

Seems like if Marques has his way, the only difference between the appearance of openSUSE and Ubuntu will be the green color.

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I think this is a very stupid idea. Ubuntu is the Windows version of Linux. Designed by newbs for newbs. Sooner or later the Ubuntu bubble is going to pop , think Mandrake , the last newb friendly Linux distro. Soon as people get comfortable using Ubuntu they bolt for something else. Having a different distro with Ubuntu apps is not going to help $u$e at all.

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Ubuntu is the best!

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History repeats. Get use to. I have been using Linux from 1994-1995 on. I used BSD and Unix's and Dos before that.

What ever is the best now in 5 years time may be a joke.

Ubuntu is making all the classic mistakes.

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Come on poeple, put yourself in his position. He is keeping it simple. Why plan 'new' solutions that may/may not be out the door anytime soon.

Here are useful, up-with-the-times apps that can be used now, that can make any switchers comfortable - but importantly let openSUSE weather the storm until such time as when drastic changes make sense.

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