Mozilla's Do Not Track Guide Positions Privacy as Key Tech Differentiator

by Sam Dean - Sep. 09, 2011Comments (2)

Many users of the Firefox browser already use DNT (Do Not Track) technology to prevent companies and organizations from watching their behavior online and compiling ever-growing databases of their user behavior. This type of technology, of course, doesn't just come from Mozilla; rather, it's widespread in many types of browsers and security products. But therein lies the problem, at least from Mozilla's perspective. The company has been trying its approach to DNT as a standard around which everyone can work. Now, the effort to evangelize it is extending out to corporations and advertisers themselves. Mozilla has published a set of guidelines called The Do Not Track Field Guide.

The Do Not Track Field Guide is aimed at publishing companies, advertisers and others who want to develop online content and technologies that follow fair usage pattern tracking practices. In a blog post, the Mozilla Privacy Blog reports:

"Based on interactions with developers from leading companies that support DNT today, The Do Not Track Field Guide contains case studies, tutorials and sample code. We’ve also included a background section on our view of what the debate over DNT is all about. We hope that the Guide inspires  developers around the world to embrace the technology and also leads to subsequent editions with new tutorials and sample code."

Mozilla notes that Google Chrome and Opera are the only leading browsers that don't support DNT. Obviously, with Firefox and Chrome competing as closely as they are, Mozilla wants to position its approach to privacy as a key differentiator for its browser.

The Mozilla blog post also includes data on DNT adoption among users, which does appear to be on the rise. A few years ago, open source browsers such as Firefox won some users over from Internet Explorer because the alternative browsers, working with tools such as AdBlock, could keep users safer from people trying to gather personal information. That effort continues.

You can download a PDF version of Mozilla's DNT guide here

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DNT is great for employees who are hiding something that they think that is not right. But to those who have clean working performances, they are no afraid to uncover things related to work to their employers and co-employees unless those personal matters. This technology is also good in the purpose of privacy. With regards to things that are not related to work, employees have the right to choose DNT.

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