Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.6.12 and Delays 4.0

by Susan Linton - Oct. 27, 2010Comments (0)

Mozilla released Firefox 3.6.12 in answer to a vulnerability in previous versions the same day it  announced that version 4.0, originally slated for the end of November 2010, would be delayed until at least early 2011.

The vulnerability was disclosed Tuesday after malicious attackers injected malware onto the Nobel Prize website that would install a Trojan onto users' computer. The Trojan would then connect to an Internet address located in Taiwan that would give access to and control over the infected computer. A Mozilla spokesman said they were aware of the vulnerability and that it had been used to launch other attacks in recent months. Developers now scrambled to patch the vulnerability that was said to be able to infect Windows PCs, although the flaw existed in Mac OS X and Linux versions of Firefox as well. Mozilla released versions 3.6.12 and 3.5.15 of their popular browser Wednesday evening and urged all users to upgrade to stay secure.

In related news, Mozilla also announced a delay in the release schedule of the upcoming Firefox 4.0. Mozilla frequently delays releases to complete work on the browser, and last month, the company announced it would even have to remove some of the earlier touted features. Mozilla expects to release Beta 7 in November and is hoping to release the final in early 2011.

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